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About Me

Aliyah Blackmore is an Afro-Caribbean DJ, documentary photographer and filmmaker, and writer/researcher based in Harlem, New York.

She was a contributor with AFROPUNK for over five years, in 2017 was responsible for digital content curation for caribBEING, and is currently working as a copy editor for Lizania Cruz on zines for We the News. Aliyah has been working with visual mediums for the past ten years, with an emphasis on documentary photography and filmmaking that explores Black Diasporic narratives, traversing themes of belonging, ancestry, time, and healing in the present; her photo essay, “And the Memories Unearthed from Within Her” was featured in The New Context.

Through her art making and research, Aliyah is interested in engaging with the multi dimensional threads, narratives and histories, that run through Caribbean and Black Diasporic experiences to understand, how historically and in the present, our forms of cultural production foster spaces of resistance and recovery for our bodies.

Currently, Aliyah is working on a photo and film project that explores history and identity in Barbados through the frameworks of resistance and cultural tradition—looking specifically at the intersections of sugar, slavery, and Crop Over. During this time her Instagram is deactivated, as she is taking a break to recalibrate, but please reference the below for other contact information.



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Instagram: @aliyahblkmre [taking a little break from IG to re-calibrate, but will be back in some moons]

Twitter: @aliyahblkmre