Aliyah Blackmore_Syla Journal

"On Liminal Space: Speaking to the Sky" is a personal reflective essay, published by Syla Journal in May 2019. It pieces together journal entries and writing in the present, about navigating the nuances of healing from assault and the tensions and difficulty I have had with naming/labeling what happened.  Through this piece I was interested in opening a space of personal reflection regarding the navigation of complex emotions and thoughts while also moving towards a space of healing-- a space that is liminal. While this piece reflects on a specific moment last summer, it also speaks to other moments in my life when I have felt unheard/unsafe in my body and the complexity of feeling aware of that.

An excerpt:

This journey of healing has meant being present with my being in all of its fullness and complexity. I honor the spaces that my spirit has existed in so that I can live more harmoniously with all of myself. I will close with some words from “Letter to Ma;” Merle Woo writes, “[u]ntil we can all present ourselves to the world in our completeness, as fully and beautifully as we see ourselves naked in our bedrooms, we are not free.” I am getting free, and that is both terrifying and bliss. I surrender myself to the openness and fluidity of getting there and in continually forging what the space of free looks like for me. I surrender to the liminal space of healing and all of it’s unknown.

The full piece can be read on Syla Journal.