“maybe home is calling" (April 2017) is a video performance that retraces my experiences particular to ancestral histories and memory, mapping a correlation to how I exist//move through the present and future and better practice//engage with resistance and healing in this body. ++ Repossession ++ (Kamau Brathwaite) the ways in which Black bodies go through processes of reclamation of the self by accessing and reconnecting. This visual journey is a means through which I am beginning to open up a line of conversation about the ancestral history/memory of family juxtaposed to how i navigate and engage with different spaces in order to heal, rejuvenate, and recover parts of me//return home to myself in some ways. In the video, I string beads to add to my set of waist beads worn, wrapping my womb space with beads as an act of adorning my feminine energy and energizing it. The words being typed simultaneously is a story told to me by my grandmother, layered with my own dreams and journal entries. I am deconstructing how I reconnect with myself in different spaces throughout the continuum of life and returning "home.”

To view the full piece, please be in contact with me at aliyahblackmore16@gmail.com.